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We have instructed Stuart Rivers Associates on different occasions in the last 10 years to undertake full reviews of our property developments and report on the availability of Capital Allowances.

Each time SRA compiled detailed schedules of capital expenditure and Apportionments. Comprehensive reports were produced that fully documented all items and they resulted in substantial qualifying expenditure for Capital Allowances purposes. The first exercises produced between £3 million and £4 million of qualifying expenditure and the second set of claims produced £1.2 million.

Both sets of claims were accepted without query by HM Revenue and Customs and each company for which the claims were undertaken is still benefitting from the residual pool for annual Capital Allowances claims.

SRA’s highly professional staff is well qualified to undertake this work. And we have no hesitation in recommending SRA to any property related company that has significant Corporation Tax exposure. Engaging SRA’s services will unlock what might prove to be substantial potential in this specialist area. It certainly proved worthwhile for us.

Citispace Properties Limited

We have used the services of Stuart Rivers Associates for many years to maximise Capital Allowances claims on our property acquisitions in the care sector. The results have been excellent and we are pleased to acknowledge the benefits received by our company from SRA’s professional expertise. 

Mike Sillars, Finance Director, Wellburn Care Homes

In the early stages of our development we were introduced to Stuart Rivers Associates who advised that our trading assets had significant allowances attached to the plant and equipment without our buildings. We found that SRA’s approach was clear, informative and the firm’s fee was success-based, which is a most refreshing attitude to business.

The result of SRA’s involvement was a lower tax charge and an improved return on investment.

Over the years we have developed our operations quite significantly and at each stage we have worked with SRA during and after transactions to ensure we are optimising the returns from each project.

We were quite surprised to learn that many accountants are not aware of these opportunities, a phenomenon we continued to validate as we made further property acquisitions and took advantage of allowances which earlier property owners had not claimed.

We have enjoyed a very satisfactory relationship with SRA’s team over the past 15 years and I would recommend any business to seriously consider the benefits of working with such professionals. 

Brian Vincent, Managing Director, Eldercare (Halifax) Ltd

Stuart Rivers Associates have produced Capital Allowances reports for us since 1997 for various properties that we have occupied and all of which have been accepted by HM Revenue and Customs without alteration.

I can thoroughly endorse Stuart Rivers Associates to other property owners as the firm provides a professional, no fuss and hugely beneficial service. 

John Duffy, Chairman, The Hewlett Group