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If you are investing in commercial property, selling a property, or upgrading business facilities; speaking to a Capital Allowance Consultant as early as possible could enable you to reduce your income tax or corporation tax liabilities.

Here is an overview of the Capital Allowance services we offer:


When acquiring a second-hand property, we will identify the Capital Allowances you may be entitled to. Even if you bought the property some time ago, we can still review your potential claim.


We will conduct detailed analysis of both current and retrospective construction expenditure to ensure you gain the appropriate Capital Allowances and Land Remediation tax relief.

Consultancy – During Property Purchases and Sales

Whether you are buying or selling, we can advise on the potential value of the Capital Allowances within a property so that the allowances can be used during the sale or purchase negotiations. We steer both clients and advisors through the complexities of ever changing legislation to safeguard potential claims.

Consultancy – Enhanced Capital Allowances

We will identify where you may be able to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances on qualifying energy-saving plant and machinery which also reduces your future energy bills. By using specialist surveying techniques, we can identify and claim for a wide range of items – even if there are no invoices available.

Consultancy - Enterprise Zone Allowances

We can identify whether a property is located in an enterprise zone (or recommend enterprise zones for future purchases or new builds) or not. These provide simplified planning and business rates discounts. Some enterprise zones also provide ECAs for qualifying plant (100% tax relief). These are applicable only to trading companies on plant that is unused (i.e. not second hand) and are effective to 31st March 2020. For a list of enterprise zones - enterprisezones.communities.gov.uk

Consultancy – Other 100% Allowances

We can research and advise whether your expenditure qualifies for Business Premises Renovation Allowance (BPRA), Enterprise Zone Allowance (EZA), or Research and Development Allowance (RDA).

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, call us on 01423 567818, or click here to make an enquiry.