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Changes in the rules governing the sale and purchase of commercial properties mean that solicitors now need to have a greater knowledge of the Capital Allowances Act than ever before. The fixture changes (2012 Finance Act) were brought in to act as a guard against erroneous claims on capital allowances by creating a record of agreement at the point of sale. Previously this was not required; a claim could be addressed after purchase. Therefore, it is in a solicitors best interests to actively engage in establishing a commercial property buyer’s & seller’s capital allowance position at the earliest opportunity or otherwise risk potential financial disadvantage for clients. This is where we can help. We will ensure that clients’ best interests are served whilst minimising risks and improving service levels. 



For more information please view our fixture changes infographic here!

At Stuart Rivers Associates we help solicitors enhance the service they offer their clients by providing specialist help and advice on claiming Capital Allowances. We specialise solely in this area of tax which means that we are able to provide a much deeper understanding of Capital Allowances than a solicitor could be expected to.

Areas in which we can help include:

  • Analysing or formulating replies to Capital Allowance CPSE questions.
  • Providing guidance in respect of the April 2012 rule changes for records of agreement and mandatory pooling
  • Apportioning  purchase expenditure
  • Advising clients who are entering into purchase or building contracts and who wish to safeguard a claim to 100% tax relief for energy efficient plant 

We can work under your own brand or through direct referral to your clients, giving you the peace of mind that all Capital Allowance claims are being handled correctly.

If you'd like to learn more feel free to contact us, or you can order our FREE information pack.