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Years of experience has enabled us to develop an approach to progressing capital allowance claims that simplifies the process for our clients.

Capital allowances for

Landlords | Investors | Tenants | Occupiers

You are likely to qualify if you are:

Buying property

Selling property

Building property

Refurbishing property

Our process

Stuart Rivers Associates cuts through the complexity and delivers a simple, streamlined process that maximises your claim.  

We work together with your professional advisors to provide the best service.

What happens?

Initial enquiry

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Step 1

Due diligence checks

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Step 2

Estimate of allowances provided

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Step 3

Engage with us

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Step 4

Survey the property

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Step 5


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Step 6

Issue report

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Step 7

Once the report is issued, we work with your professional advisers on how best to utilise the allowances for your benefit.

The above process can take on average a couple months to turnaround dependent on complexity of the case.

Our specialist services

  • When acquiring a property either from a developer or a previous owner, we can identify and assess the capital allowances you may be entitled to.
  • Analyse section 198 & 183 elections.
  • Review commercial property standard enquiry (CPSE.1) responses.
  • Provide appropriate clauses and elections for insertion in purchase contracts.
  • When building, extending, or refurbishing a property, we can identify and assess the capital allowances you may be entitled to.
  • Analyse schedules, final accounts to estimate levels of allowances available.
  • Analyse historic construction expenditure from fixed asset registers.
  • Help claim on tenant expenditure with landlord capital contributions.
  • Analyse qualifying expenditure and provide structures & buildings allowance statements.
  • Advise on the disposal of property that has a capital allowance claim on it.
  • Advise on estimate of allowances at design stage of future projects.
  • Advise on landlord/tenant capital contribution wording.
  • Analysing previous claims to see if it was underclaimed and if there is scope to increase the claim.
  • Review business purchase/sales that involve commercial property for capital allowances.
  • Analyse qualifying expenditure for research & development allowances.
  • Analyse qualifying expenditure for land remediation relief.

Ready to speak to the experts?

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Chris Lonergan


Chris is our commercial lead and is responsible for our relationships with clients, partner firms and other intermediaries. His background spans sales, business development and consulting in several sectors including engineering, construction, professional and financial services.

Chris has been involved with Capital Allowances for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of clients to gain tax relief. During this time he also helped to build a new mid-market accountancy firm out of a larger organisation and spent time with a large specialist tax reliefs business so has good market knowledge and understands how different types of businesses in it operate.

Chris shares Stuart’s philosophy and as part of a specialist business also very much believes in collaboration and joint working with partners to provide the best level of client service and maximised tax benefit.

Philip Rivers

Commercial Manager

Philip joined Stuart Rivers Associates after finishing university and worked hard behind the scenes, learning the ropes of the business.

He now works as a commercial manager involving close liaison with our surveyor team in researching client entitlement as well as helping to develop the business.

Andrew Davies


After working for a major PLC for many years and then working for a local accounting practice, Andrew join Stuart Rivers Associates in 2003.

Andrew has experience in all areas of the business and is currently responsible for the operations team together with the financial management and day to day commercial decisions.

Andrew supports the philosophy of the business and ensures the high quality service that has been built up over the years is not only maintained but developed further to mee the ever changing needs of our clients and joint working partners.

Stuart Rivers

Senior Partner

Stuart is a chartered Quantity Surveyor who formed Stuart Rivers Associates in 1993 after having worked for major national surveying practices where he first encountered Capital Allowances. 

Stuart quickly developed the practice into one of the country’s leading specialist Capital Allowance consultancies providing advice to not only major accountancy practices but also to investors, developers and building owners no matter the size of the business or whether they owned a single building or a large portfolio of property.

 Stuart’s philosophy, which runs through the core of the company, is to provide a service to clients that is accurate, comprehensive, and effortless but above all generates plenty of tax relief.


Whether you are buying or selling we can provide appropriate clauses for the sale and purchase agreement to safeguard potential capital allowances and also advise a potential value of Capital Allowances for negotiation purposes. 

Construction expenditure

We can analyse both current and historic construction expenditure from the available information to ensure you gain the appropriate Capital Allowances from your expenditure. 

For example: 

The refurbishment of an existing building for £1 million could generate between £300,000 and £700,000 of tax relief. 

Property purchases

When acquiring a property either from a developer or a previous owner, we can identify and assess the Capital Allowances you may be entitled to. 

For example: 

A commercial property bought for £1 million could generate between £100,000 and £400,000 of tax relief depending on the type of property. 

It is still possible to claim Capital Allowances on property bought many years ago!